A crown fit for a king

A paper crown sits proudly on top of my computer screen, for some it may just be a crown cut out out of paper, good to make happy a 6 year old child and that too for a moment or two. But this crown has much more associated with it for me, that i feel its a perfect “Fit for a King” –

King ? I don’t really know much about kingdom ships, about wealth, Gold, silver and all that shines. I know chairs make out of drinking straws, I know about colors, smiles, warmth of the sunshine. I know the the values of the textures of life, of colors which i always felt were missing from my orbit, since the day i stepped into this whorl of life, which spun me so hard that the world around me had always felt like fast moving streaks , streaks so sharp that they would cut through my skin, in attempt to take life away from me, you steal my soul, steal it and make it the worlds slave, chained in greed, dipped in the poison of deep selfish green, a color so common on the planet earth, as is often mistaken for life.

But i was lucky, lucky to be strong enough to hold on to my soul, until the sharp edged streaks spinning around me gave up to turn blunt. So blunt that a few days back i saw them attack me, they touched me, with force, with all their might, using all their poisons, but they couldn’t even scratch through my skin.

I am the King, and the crown holds the power, the power of truth that three little angels made me see, three because they came from all directions, at equal distance, because i waited and didn’t let go the fragile flame of hope, and kept it safe burning within my soul fueled with the power of faith.

That crown that sits on the top of my monitor is a piece of paper, its energies and powers are within my soul, this paper is a just a reminder that one should always hold on long enough for prayers to be answered.

A crown fit for a king