The City I live in …

so this is what the city Karachi has come down to that i don’t even feel safe to go out to the store just a five minute walk away to get my self a loaf of bread. last year around the same time we were making trips to the interiors of Sindh for flood relief efforts lead by Sana Saleem. Our volunteers were roaming all around this city collecting donations and buying relief goods but this year we are hardly there on ground, doing only what we can do under the restricted mobility and access due to the law and order situation of the city.

Karachi which used to be buzzing with eid shopping activities is as quite as a ghost town. And no I don’t really ever shop for Eid my self, so it’s not really about shopping , it’s about those bright smile and joy of the up coming Eid on the faces of specially Kids , the bright smiles at the bangles stall or at the mehandi booth or at the shoe shops where kids tryout those crisp new shoes, of all sizes and all price ranges….

But this year those innocent eyes are not shining bright with joy, but they filled with fear and sorrow..

The City I live in …

3 thoughts on “The City I live in …

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