Angels in my life

People say I think a lot, but in reality I see things in slightly more depth and a different point of view. Around a year back, in Islamabad, an FTX – Digital Storytelling Workshop altered my life probably more than it was meant to. After this 5 day workshop, and thank to the availability of some angels I gained to courage to dig out all the old rotting wounds from deep within, cleanse them dress them properly and let them vanish slowly leaving only the sensitive scared traces in the spots they once existed.

It was a painful time, and I couldn’t have survived through it all alone, I was afraid of falling on the unfamiliar ground face first. I was unsure if these wounds would ever heal, or if I would ever recover from their pain. But the angels gave me all their support with great patience.

I know that in the process I gave these angels a very hard time. I can never thank them enough ever, but I don’t want to hurt them more, I feel I am well enough to carry my own little burden of dried thorny twigs, it would be so totally un fare to drag them in the whorl of my silly spinning universe, it would be so unfair to them, but I can’t ever let them down, would be only happy to be able to do what ever little i can for them.

Angels in my life

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