Good Bye 2011 and A Happy 2012

Another year 2011 is about to come to its end. This year has been quite an eventful year specially for me because for the first time in my life I took out time to look inside my own self, at the mess that had been accumulating since ever within me, mess comprising of the debris from all the wounds, hurts unpleasant events of the past, a mess of unexplained shreds and fragments of emotions and feelings torn into tiny bits ages back. This was the mess which I had always been well aware of and had been carrying around like a burden all my life without even think of easing myself off it. But if it wouldn’t have been for the painstaking support, encouragement and help of my two dear sisters, who stood firm with me throughout the time, I would have never have been able to let go of it.

It took almost the whole year to get rid of the unnecessary weight I had been carrying around, but by the end of it I feel as light and librated as I have never felt before in my life. I learned a lot of things during this period of time and have gained much emotional strength and have learned to deal with life even better. But still a lot that need to be learnt

This year has been unique also because a lot of faces from behind the fake masks were revealed to me, some of the revelations came as a surprise while others were sort of expected and a few were even shocking, but most importantly it insured that I am more firmly in my own control so its defiantly a god thing    

Also it was this year that I traveled to Malaysia and instantly fell in love with the country and mostly its people. This love I hope will insure a new beginning I hope but no I am not going to let go of my native land simply because I can’t disassociate from my own roots .

Three more days and we all will be stepping into a brand new year, and  with such amazing friends, family and people around me I have no doubt that the coming year would be even more amazing than the previous one .  Thank you to all my amazing friends, my sisters, my family and wishing you all a very happy new year.

Good Bye 2011 and A Happy 2012

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