The Black Hole

Its a black hole, you step into it and it just sucks you to its center, and than it takes hours and hours of exhausting struggle to get out of it, and really there is no way you are coming out unhurt. Its pitch black darkness takes you to the days when an innocent child learned to look at a candy bar, but was disciplined enough not to touch or reach for it, this child would walk through the toy shops but would allow him self to look at the toys dreading he would desire them, and than he would not even express because if he would express it will only bring pain to his parents . A child who dreams of having a mate to share and play with, and would know he would never have one.

Suddenly you would find your self face to face with a puppy, an abandoned alone puppy, hungry thirsty, mute. sitting in the corner by looking at it no one can tell if its hungry or hurt, it doesn’t know how to express or what exactly to . Looking at you this puppy would just move more towards the corner, or would chase you around , and would try to climb your shoulders. This ugly smelly puppy would make you throw up, you will feel disgusted at its very existence and would throw it back to the corner where it belonged, the corner which is its right place.

and than suddenly there would be light, you will find your self standing in the garden, the sun shining bright, flowers beautiful, full of colors blooming and singing in the summer breeze, you will reach out to touch a delicate petal of one of the flowers, and it will suddenly slice your finger away, you will start to bleed , you will be shocked, you will look around and these flowers will seem like tiny blades coming closer to you to slice the very existence of yours, you will learn as hard as you can, out of this creepy garden, hoping you find a rocky patch but the garden is spread far and wide, you are running, you are thirsty, the sun has started to burn you, the grass is piercing through your skin and there is blood everywhere you pass out .

you wake up in the pitch dark again, your wounds are hurting, your thrust needs to be quenched but there is nothing, nothing at all around you just pitch dark, you run and run and run and suddenly you fall through something and and wake up to a fake world again, you know the black hole will again get you, unexpectedly and it will make you go through it all once again, and again and …..

The Black Hole

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