Is No one Safe in Karachi ?

I was the kind of a person who loved to walk. I would walk for miles and miles and for hours at a stretch. I would drown all my sorrows , my depression walking on long streets but now it all seems like a dream. The city i live in is becoming more and more volatile by the day. All of a sudden an important person is killed and within seconds the whole city erupts in violence. random people are killed, countless are injured, vehicles are torched, citizens are mugged. But that is the story of that particular of an important murder, what happens every day is even more disturbing. Street crimes in Karachi are on the rise, people get mugged in broad day light and at such a high frequency that i know not a single person who has not been mugged at least a couple of times or more. Sniper shooting, or target killings are now a daily routine and five to ten people are killed every day, those injured are not even counted for. Kidnappings too have become very frequent initially people who had money enough to pay for a good ransom used to become a target, but now people are kidnapped for a ransom as low as 500 USD. Shops are asked to pay money extortion money by the gangsters or they or their children are killed or kidnapped.

In times like these many like like me don’t feel safe walking to a shop even a 100 yard away from their house, mostly of the people do their household shooing from large stores they can drive to and shop for a months supply of grocery, as a results the streets are become more lonely and a very few people are seen walking down the roads specially after the sun has gone down.

with the deteriorating law and order situation a number of small businesses have fled to other countries and yet the government seems to be doing not much to make the citizens of Karachi feel safe, they claim they are trying to do their best to keep it all under control but it seems the city is slipping off their hands, with no hope of any of this getting better Only God knows what our city would be like in the coming years .

Is No one Safe in Karachi ?

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