A Degradation of nationalism.

The figures of people being shot at random, or targeted or killed because they were a certain cast of were of a certain religious belief have been on the constant rise, the figures are adding to the unknown total count every day. A number of these killings don’t even get reported, they dont even make it to the news channel’s few minute ticker which hardly anyone notices. These are not just numbers, there are not just ” Five people shot dead by un known people at an unknown spot in the country”  they are living breathing human beings, mostof them the breadwinners of their families, many students, some even children whose dreams and hopes are as simple as getting an colorful candy bar the next time they pass that shop right around the corner, where their life is cut shot just because someone holding a cold metal gun pulled that tiny little trigger without even giving it a second thought.

but the misery does not end to that, there are really severe economic crises, we are running out of energy, we claim not to have enough electricity, fuel, drinking water, the law exists but waits to have an implementation, without which the legal system its self is questionable and can be manipulated, and there are countless other issues, both big and small which need to be addressed across the country but things seems to be getting worst by the day specially for the common countrymen of Pakistan 

 To all this insanity the State and the government does what ? they say they have been trying to control it, but this is what they have been saying for not just months or weeks but for years, again and again. They tell us they have taken firm measures, they have apprehended so many terrorists and criminals and so much of weapons ceased, countless number of committees have been formed, despite all the issues of a common person remains unsolved.

Looking at the current situation the people of the country are of the thought that either the rulers, the government, the state has failed and is helpless or they are a part of it creating all of this chaos. either of which means the country’s people have lost faith in the ruling government and in the state it’s self actually. which is quite visible on the 14 of August when the country celebrated its independence coldheartedly, and certainly not the way we used to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence a decade or so back. This is surely a one of the many sign of degradation of nationalism, which is actually a dreadful think if we really look at it seriously but who cares, you and I are busy trying to meet our ends, and those is power don’t seem to care much.

A Degradation of nationalism.