Society’s Fragile 5%

Blocking the beautiful view of the beach, is this huge building, with Dolmen Mall stamped on its face, i know its good looking but not as beautiful as the sea its self so to me its really ugly. Ugly also because the moment you enter this humongous shopping center the first thing you notice are these expensive brands popping their bright shiny face out of the glimmering boxes stacked one over the other. A shop selling this and a shop selling that, catering to the class which not even 5% of the whole country. To make it worst you will see shoppers holding the fancy little hand bags while their Filipino maids or worst a teenager child labor who are there to manage their naughty kids. but even more disturbing is the sight when you see families from the lower middle class visiting the shopper’s paradise. The kids from these families would be spotted taking rides on the escalators going up and down in the loop and ending up going no where but in circles, yes how typical that is of the lower middle class, isn’t it ?

For these poor visitors who want to take a sneak peak in the lives of the “elite” rich and the “successful ” of the society, the only place which seems affordable in this whole big shopping center is this spacious mighty super store named “Hyperstar’ . having seen it obviously many of them rush to this super market, where a number of products are highly priced as compared to those available around the city, but the story doesn’t end there, because today when i went there, and for the very last time (I Promise)  only to get some juice, i noticed at the counter them telling every customer that they are out of large shopping bags, so either they carry what ever they shopped for in tiny little shopping bags large enough to hold only two cans of soda, or they will have to buy a large plastic “Eco friendly” bag from them for Rs:50/- to carry the items they have bought decently out of the store.

For a country where economic graph has taken a downward dip, where unemployment is record high, people are struggling to keep up with the bread and butter of the family , and even stale bread seems to be costing a fortune, Do we need such snobbishly posh shopping centers, couldn’t we have recreational park there ( sorry the ones we have has nothing but grass to offer ) or an art center, or a public library, or maybe a theater but No to serve those mare 5%  of the whole society we had to built this castle of pure crystals, so the poor can feel more poorer, more undermined, more unwelcome and continue in slavery for another 200 years, while they forget they are a minority of the society they are very much a part of, they may be ruling today but once the table turn’s on them they are too fragile to face the reality.

Society’s Fragile 5%

4 thoughts on “Society’s Fragile 5%

  1. I don’t think it’s quite to right to blame the existence of an entire mall because of some bad experience at one of the stores. The problem isn’t that it’s for the elites. The problem is that there are no developed public spaces for any of the classes. Why demolish this and make a park THERE? You have an entire city. Plan it so that everyone gets a share.

  2. not saying we need to demolish it , also the post is not just one bad experience, i have always felt this way which is why i don’t frequent there.

    The point is that it is more important for us to make spaces for recreational activities, rather than building one shopping mall after another.

    1. Shopping malls here are made because shopping is considered a “recreational activity”. You have an equal amounts of parks but I hardly see anyone going there. Rich or poor. The Benazir Bhutto Park is actually quite well built and free. People here seek shopping malls regardless of their financial status or else you won’t find buses filled with people coming to Dolmen and Park Towers, like they do.

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