Limiting Young Women; also a form of domestic violence.

VAW, stands for  Violante Against Women. When we hear this word the first thing which comes to our minds is sexual assault, rape and honor killings but domestic violence is the least we think about. Our definition of Domestic violence is also limited to the physical vigilance a women is subjected to by her spouse, and that violence too is limited to serious physical assault . Terms like marital rape are very alien to out society, giving  mental stress or limiting the women members of the family is often not seen as domestic violence at all.

In the past two years of time i have come across many young women being going through domestic violence. they are not wives but either daughters of the household or sisters who have been divorces and are lving in their parents house with their siblings. The type of violence they have been facing if not at all physical but its a mental pressure which is breaking them bit by bit from the inside. Some struggling for the choice of professional work they want to do but their parents wont allow them to work outside the house, some want to marry the man they love and their parents wont let it happen because the man they love is not from their cast or of the same social status money money wise. women are often disowned by their casts when they marry in a family out of their clan. It may not seem to me a serious kind of violence, some may not even acknowledge this as violence but the mental trauma which these young women go though on a daily bases is often quite intense and leaves long term effect of their personalities. such issues are also not easy to discuss because one they are very complicated an secondly it involves their very own parents who are their only support.

Our society oppresses women on a number of levels, the patriarch system is deep imbedded in our roots, we have a long way to go to give women the liberation and freedom witch is their basic human right. the need it to bring these topics to general discussions and resolve them on through dialogues, social discussions, and different mediums of expressions which includes all forms of visual arts, performance art, literature. The conventional media like radio and television media and commercial print media will also need to play their roles to address these issues which may require us come out of our commercial convenience and be a little ruthless, But if we don’t make a move today our children and their children too will continue to face these violence in their lives.

Limiting Young Women; also a form of domestic violence.

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