Little the human rights activist can offer.

Looking at countless stories of sexual assault, murder and attempted murder in the name of honour, stories of children subjected to violence and sexual assault at times even by one or both of their parents is the toughest job to have. It takes some real courage to listen or record the account of such a victim. specially when you know that the law enforcement agencies in this country are neither prepared nor trained to deal professionally with any of such cases which means for such victims very little hope of getting any support from Pakistan’s legislative system , not because the laws are not there, they very much are but since there is no implementation of a system which could ensure the evidence is not tampered with everything falls apart.

Their are countless NGOs working in this country trying to provide shelters to those women and young couple only because their own immediate family is after their lives, providing support to those who have been subjected to sexual abuse , providing counselling and medical help to the kids who have been brutally sexually and physically abused but their are hardly any culprits who are caught and punished for such crimes.

As a result if we look at the crimes usually reported to the police, you will hardly find a few of sexual violence against women / children . those trying to escape an honour killing too avoid going directly to the police and do file a report via an NGO or through a TV channel who do all this to show it’s their social responsibility while all they care about is getting their ratings up .

So what’s the hope for such survivors ? I guess us the social workers can continue the battle for their rights give them all the support we can , brew us little unseen tornados and try being their voice but to really help them we can only council them and teach them to deal better with the situation they are in and tell them they are not alone.

Well I know that is not enough but look at Mukhtara Mai case , after all that noise and international attention when did we get ? Well we all know that…

But the end is just not just this, we all have to continue to raise our voice and keep telling the law makers and rulers what improvements are needed so if not today than tomorrow things can take a better shape and the future if not for us than for our children can be better.

Little the human rights activist can offer.

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