Story of Hajra

Living in the low income area of karachi, Hajra had recently got married, her husband Asim was a sales representative at one of the small departmental stores in karachi. They had just started the journey of their lives and were trying to barely meet their ends. but it all too a turn to the worst when one night after completing his shift Asim was returning home on his motorbike when all of a sudden he heard loud sounds of gun shots, before he could realise what had happened he was lying of the road, off from his bike bleeding and in pain . Lucky for him he managed to call his wife and he was rushed to the hospital. Three months later today although he has survived, he can’t do much work, and needs constant medical support his wife now a mother of a baby girl works double shifts at different homes as a house maid to keep the family fed, Asim may not be able to live a normal life now. He doesn’t know why he was shot and who shot him. But he was indeed lucky to have survived in a city in which every day almost over 10 people daily are shot to death, 10 people means 10 families suffering the loss of a breadwinner for the rest of their lives and loosing a loved one for reason unknown.

Story of Hajra

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