The Why

12821507_10154035264429511_3160044945253566323_nyes , I am HE , i am totally straight, sexually interested in women only .
The dressing is not something done entirely for fun, in has a connotation.
Dress does not define gender – Fashion dictates what women / man should wear – Fashion puts a woman in a submissive role by presenting her as an object – the society dictates that its ok if she flashes her skin because its presenting her to be vulnerable and is needed to draw attention of a man ..
on the other hand a man just picks a woman tosses her around, uses her for his lust, and disposes her off to satisfy his male ego … Its The man who is ” A MAN ” so he will fall for girls , but the girl should protect her purity, a girls is at fault if she is rapes, a woman as a wife is assaulted, still her fault, A girl is Tomboyish or keeps her self too covered , wont attract much guys, again her fault.
I would ask you why you would find this dress odd ? .. If i was in Scotland, and the skirt was in grey checker would you still say .. OMG ! Why ?  he/SHE/IT ?what is s/he
Yes IT is also a gender which we disgust and refuse to accept in out society ?WHY ? again is a question for You to answer ?
If a man is draped in  a sari why he has to be labeled as either GAY , Third gender , Bi sexual .. why not just a normal man in a different clothing? Again a question you need to find an answer to.
And NO i Don’t wear just such clothes , at times such outfits are very uncomfortable and painful to wear But i do it so YOU THINK … these questions should pop in your mind ? and you should be the ones finding answers to them …Rather than thinking WHAt is Wrong with this guy .. ?
but then people dont think in questions, and we as artists, as human rights activists, raise these questions by exaggerating reality, which is exactly what i am at ..
The Why

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