Truth of life…. 

There is a lot to say, and my hands quiver, my heart throbs. No i am not talking about love, its the realization, how low people can stoop for a bit of money, people who we think of as our mentors, who we think are credible, who we think were brilliant.

I would just say, i thought artists were an innocent breed, they just express their selves in a number of mediums, they talk of love and humanity. But it turned out, artists are no different from our society, they ( many of them ) manipulate, rob, steel, snatch, the murder humanity, drench their soul in the blood of the innocent, and then paint with it the pure pain they have caused to the world, in floral patterns and joyful faces. 

The reality is always grim, i guess thats the truth of life.

Truth of life…. 

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