Expression of an artist !


Art is an expression , its an artist’s thought which is put in a visual on a surface in two or three or more dimensions , as many as you can add including sound , smell feelings what ever the artist’s will to toss in . An artist’s expression is free and is for the people, specially common people who may see it by not a very trained eye, not for its artistic aspects but for the mare visual it is and may interpret it in any way s/he feels. 

I my believe and faith and practice expressions belong to people, common people, not the few elite, enlightened, brilliant few but for a larger audience, the majority of the society, not the minority, regardless of the fact that  the minority is the ruling, powerful affluent one. 

It was only recently that I casually installed one of my works at the local flea shop. My work which is priced slightly under 500USD is placed among the old thrown out junk, and discarded items hanging on one of the columns. 

Firstly i have put my work which is a digital print in a setting where its seen by the common, unexpected people, who have come to probably get some cheep bargain who would stumble upon this peace and will question . How much , why so expensive? Who is the artist ? What has been done ? 

The answers are all in a paper which is kept in the drawer and is given only on request – 

The second thing is to make people aware that digital prints are also art, its not just oil painting or sculpture . 

Thirdly to challenge the mind set that art works belongs to galleries only, it wont be respected else where, it will be an insult if you put it in any other setting besides a gallery or an exhibition space- 

My work has come out of the bubble, and its breaking the label placed on art which reads ” can be admired by an elite only”  and for this i have faced much criticism , i have been told that i am “demeaning my work” i have been told i am acting like  ” a mosquito who lives in a dirty pond ”   Well who has polluted these ponds ? Not the nature but us very humans who are now calling it dirty , and mosquitos dont live in dirty ponds , they leave their eggs there so their newly hatched babies are born to the harsh realities if the world before they can fly off to gardens and jungles to borrow a few drops of blood from other animals so as to breed and not to actually feed , Hey we have something to learn from the  mosquitos here who you just called dirty ! 

Well coming back to my work hanging there between the antiques and trash is my work, its for the common people, the people we think are verminous, the people who make the most of the population of the planet and the people who as consumers are keeping us few elites alive ! 

Expression of an artist !

Truth of life…. 

There is a lot to say, and my hands quiver, my heart throbs. No i am not talking about love, its the realization, how low people can stoop for a bit of money, people who we think of as our mentors, who we think are credible, who we think were brilliant.

I would just say, i thought artists were an innocent breed, they just express their selves in a number of mediums, they talk of love and humanity. But it turned out, artists are no different from our society, they ( many of them ) manipulate, rob, steel, snatch, the murder humanity, drench their soul in the blood of the innocent, and then paint with it the pure pain they have caused to the world, in floral patterns and joyful faces. 

The reality is always grim, i guess thats the truth of life.

Truth of life…. 

The other side of the barbed wires ! 

How is the land on the other side of the barbed wires ? I see you have cockroaches the same of the kind we have. It was somewhat un expected ! I wonder the color of your sand on the beach is the same or not . The dirt on the roads , you seem to talk just like us on the internet, do you pretend just so you can sound the same ? The humans at your side of those thorny metal wires, do they hate us ? Will they actually kill us the moment they set their eyes on us ? Do we look different from you, the pictures you post on the social media show you as exactly like us ? Do you photoshop them ? Or does your government do that so to us you look the same and we get closer to you so you can eat us ? If so then what do you look like ? Do you have big eyes and green body like those Aliens they show us on tv ? Because they call you aliens too when you cone and start to reside in our side or the political boundary ….. Political boundary, but who is playing politics here me ? Certainly not ! You ? But if so its certainly not with me ! You are not ! Oh then who is ? Who is playing with our brains ? If you look just like us , talk and breath just like us , you even fall in love and get raged just like us than where is the difference and if there is no difference why is whole planet all divided into tiny bits and blocks ? …… Would you mind if i come hop over this stupid barbed wire and hug you ? Oh you would love it ! , so would i ! But … Those playing politics will they let us ? But what harm will you and i hugging each other do to them ? Ego ? Whose not mine not yours than ohh …. Of the ones who rule us , yeah that be hurt and they wont be happy about it … Why not just call them ego boundaries and not political boundaries ? What !!? You mean that will hurt their ego more ! ….. Drunk me ? Not at all, the bottle is still half full….. Its a big bottle, i see two of them or three … Yes, I guess i am so totally drunk on this new brand of vodka, its red and the label reads reality … What do you mean i make no sense ! … Oh come on ! Hell i cant even type now, may hands are shaking out of rage that how foolish this all is … All this barb wired political boundary powered by ego ….. What you think i am too drunk ? ….. Ohh kaaaay i will sleep and let you sleep too, yeah my little one has school too , God even you people send kids to school in the morning !!! ….. Ok ok … I will go sleep … No i will remember it all word by word in the morning ! , i will say it all, all of it to the whole school to which my little angel goes ! Just you wait and see tomorrow …. Og hop the damn wires who cares come to my daughters school and listen to me talk like a genius ….. Ok if you insist i will go and sleep now, yes i know all of humanity is fast asleep, or they too be talking like me ! …. Ok off i go ! … Yes yes i am going to sleep ! We will talk in the morning … Oh wait i will give this speech in my daughters school in the morning ….. Good night , bye for now ! Watch me walk over the …………. ……. Moon ….. And Zzzzzz …..   

The other side of the barbed wires !