The Why

12821507_10154035264429511_3160044945253566323_nyes , I am HE , i am totally straight, sexually interested in women only .
The dressing is not something done entirely for fun, in has a connotation.
Dress does not define gender – Fashion dictates what women / man should wear – Fashion puts a woman in a submissive role by presenting her as an object – the society dictates that its ok if she flashes her skin because its presenting her to be vulnerable and is needed to draw attention of a man ..
on the other hand a man just picks a woman tosses her around, uses her for his lust, and disposes her off to satisfy his male ego … Its The man who is ” A MAN ” so he will fall for girls , but the girl should protect her purity, a girls is at fault if she is rapes, a woman as a wife is assaulted, still her fault, A girl is Tomboyish or keeps her self too covered , wont attract much guys, again her fault.
I would ask you why you would find this dress odd ? .. If i was in Scotland, and the skirt was in grey checker would you still say .. OMG ! Why ?  he/SHE/IT ?what is s/he
Yes IT is also a gender which we disgust and refuse to accept in out society ?WHY ? again is a question for You to answer ?
If a man is draped in  a sari why he has to be labeled as either GAY , Third gender , Bi sexual .. why not just a normal man in a different clothing? Again a question you need to find an answer to.
And NO i Don’t wear just such clothes , at times such outfits are very uncomfortable and painful to wear But i do it so YOU THINK … these questions should pop in your mind ? and you should be the ones finding answers to them …Rather than thinking WHAt is Wrong with this guy .. ?
but then people dont think in questions, and we as artists, as human rights activists, raise these questions by exaggerating reality, which is exactly what i am at ..
The Why

The Dew Action Event 

I was at one of the Mountain Dew’s  “action” event today, I was excited to see the stunts performed by bikers and skateboards from abroad, these are internationally acclaimed athletes, and the event was well spent on, heavenly advertised so the hype was there.

I reached the venue at 5:30 sharp. My pass read gate-2 I asked two volunteers and they confirmed its gate 2, i stood in the line for a good 20 minutes and as soon as i reached near the entrance we were told it a family only entrance, and we will have to go to another gate ( Gate 4),

As odd as it may sound the term “Family” for such instances, in pakistan is any guy along with a female friend or even stranger, but as long as you are with a lady you are considered “family”, anyways we arriving at gate-4 and I realised there is an entry point for families there too. I entered into the venue and so did a few families through the gate beside me.

On entering the venue, and walking to the standing area the families were told to exit the gate and re enter from gate number 2, they told the volunteers arranged by the organisers that they have been sent here from gate number 2, but they were replied that that the only gate for families.

Being a blogger, you expect the organisers which invite to facilitate you, we do need an active wifi link, a charging station at times, someplace where we can keep out gadgets, and have a view and tweet, blog, Instagram the event from. After asking a number of volunteers i realised they have not thought of it so we were out in the crowd with the common people.


Now i don’t mind being with the common people but when you are there to cover the event, you do carry a lot of gadgets, in my case I had a huge camera, a wifi cloud, three power banks, my iPad, and my cell phones. Now juggling with all these devices and also securing a best viewpoint in a crowd which is coming from all sects of the city is not easy, actually its near to impossible.

Also at the event, we were each suppose to bring a bottle of Mountain Dew, sadly the management didn’t gave us a single trash can so it was not long that the venue got littered with the neon bottled of mountain dew almost every where.


when the crowd started to grow, i saw a number of families, people with ladies in the men only section of the venue, they were very uncomfortable and were asking if there is a place they can sit or a way they could reach the family but they couldn’t.

when the announcements started to signal the beginning of the event every one rushed to the viewing area, which was at the same height as the runway for the bikes, so only those in the front few rows could see what was going on.

To make things worst, someone got a bright idea of tossing the trashed dew plastic bottles in the air, and within seconds we could see a number of bottles of Dew going up in the air and landing on the heads of of many, some even filled and they showered the drink on hundreds of people.


This also made a lot of people run and quickly move away from the front. For a second i thought there going to be an stampede but thankfully nothing of that sort happened .

The performances started a little earlier, but sadly the large screen was not high enough, and the crowd was not allowing a good view, There not much to see besides the bikes when they were a the peak of their jumps.


By this time, two hours after arriving at the venue, i decided to walk out, I couldn’t see the stunts properly, i was given no press release, no media kit and no detailed program schedule, plus i had no intentions to stay till the concert in this rowdy crowd.

This is the first time Pakistan has seen such an event, and i am happy that the organisation brought in mostly common people from the city so they could to enjoy something of this standard.

IMG_6243 IMG_6253

The only thing is that the management should have seen  that their volunteers are well informed, and well in number. Secondly they should have made special arrangements for social media personals. There was a need of more food and drink booths, garbage disposal system, more and better people to guide and manage the crowd. If only some things would have been taken in consideration it would have become a memorable event for all of us.

I hope the Dew crew will learn ad will not make the same mistakes when they do such events in the other cities.

The Dew Action Event 

WordPress banned in Pakistan 

No its back ! , its back ! Its back 🙂

WordPress had been blocked and banned by the government of pakistan, in the best of public interest. WordPress and several other websites are the source of all crimes and evil in this country, by blocking the access to this web content the government will cure us from all evil and we will turn to saints so the world can worship us and bow to us. 

With that note i end my post, don’t know when and how i will be able to access evil platform again , so goodbye till i return 
WordPress banned in Pakistan 

A Random Thought

At times i wish i would have nothing to do with this country, and we are not trees that we’d be rooted to a piece of blood soaked land. We are just humans, only a few of us still alive in this blood thirsty piece of land, for how long, may be we will bring hope, or maybe we will also abandon this land of pure. Pure, so pure that no human can live to the standards of its purity, inhumanely pure, the brilliants of the all brilliant white, whiter than any shroud, and the green the greenest any grass or plant can achieve, the unachievable standard of purity …. 

A Random Thought