Khulein Khushyan Ramadan Ki – with Coca-Cola

Few days back I came across this blog post written by Basit Saeed, which underscores the recent interest of brands in leveraging social media for building their image and promoting their campaigns. Coca-Cola, one of the two brands mentioned in the post, has been actively utilizing social platforms for promoting their campaigns. Recent example, as mentioned in the blog as well, is the Ramadan campaign of the brand, which aims at promoting the concept of performing small acts of kindness for spreading happiness and joy among the people in this holy month.

Ramadan is the best time for all Muslims to perform good deeds and earn Allah’s blessings and these can be so easy for us to achieve if only we carry out little acts to help and support others. The idea behind Coke’s Ramadan campaign is as simple as that! Based upon this approach the campaign’s objective is to influence people to perform such little acts that can make others happy and bring a positive change to our society.

After exploring it further, I came to know that the concept of this campaign is based upon multiplying joyous moments and so, the TVC of the campaign also demonstrates simple acts of kindness being performed by people for people. The TVC also highlights the idea of sharing and caring while people share Coca-Cola in the TVC, as sharing happiness and spreading positivity has always been part of the global philosophy of Coca-Cola. It stresses upon ‘Small is Big’ which means that it doesn’t matter if your act of kindness is small in nature because even little things can leave huge impact in one’s life.

As part of the campaign, brightly lit and decorated Coke caravans commuted through the streets of some cities that celebrated the arrival of this sacred month and dispatched happiness to the less fortunate segments of our society. Also, the Company has been active on Twitter spreading positive messages among the Tweeps. You can follow them on twitter at @Small_is__BIG and can participate in this noble activity by tweeting while incorporating the hashtag #SmallisBig.

As a socially responsible organization, Coca-Cola has always been involved in various community development activities. Furthering its campaign, Reasons to Believe, which was localized as “Ho Yaqeen to Khulein Khushyan” and was launched in Pakistan in March this year, the Company has taken a step ahead in this month of Ramadan by launching this campaign titled, “Khulein Khushyan Ramadan Ki”.

Khulein Khushyan Ramadan Ki – with Coca-Cola

Coca Cola and SOC Films screens Sharmeen’s Film “Hai Yaqeen”

 Coca Cola, as a part of their “Hai Yaqeen” campaign arranged an screening of a short movie by SOC Films – a video production company headed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, SOC Films specializes in creating investigative & socially motivating content.

The movie screened today was a documentary about Kiran School, situated in Karachi’s most volatile area of Lyari. The school running since the last five years under extremely challenging environment is a product of the passion and dedication of brave Sabina Khatri. The school is a complete educational system providing education not only to children but also to their parents, taking care of their whole upbringing of these children, preparing these selected talented and smart children and enrolling them in different good schools around the city. but Sabina’s work doesn’t just end there, she is the person these privet schools contact for the enrolled child’s regular progress reports, and issues if any. Sabina than talks to the parents of these children informs them of the child progress, guides them and talks to them if their is an issue with the child’s progress or behavior and tells them how to deal with them.

These kids are also taken to regular trips to different places around the city, to give them a break from the regular violence and crime they are exposed to around the surrounds where they live. these visits help them learn to see positive aspects of life interact with people around the city, look at gardens , flowers and beauty of life.

The video screened today must have been a 20 or 30 minutes of a short film but the but the subject, Kiran School, Sabina’s handwork and its results, the smiles, the positivity and hope we saw in the attitude of these children kept us totally spellbound and left is overwhelmed, at least i was in tears. There are really very few such people in the world who are as courageous and inspiring as Sabina.

At the event a beautiful coffee table book titled 101 reasons to believe in a better Pakistan was also distributed. The book contains a few more of such stories of outstanding people in our society working for a better Pakistan along with some inspirational quotes, a few of these quotes have more to inspire our own lives and add positivity to it, but than we are all part of the whole unit which is Pakistan so that too is a much needed factor .

the only thing i didn’t like about this book it the fact that the contact addressed of the Organizations mentioned in the book are missing, they would have added much ease for people who want to contribute to the cause or help the organization or maybe work in collaboration with the .

we are soon to see more of such inspiring videos by SOC films, sponsored by Coca cola on different channels across Pakistan. I really appreciate what the Coca Cola company is doing, because they are at least out there, visibly and physically doing something positive and inspiring more and more people in our society, telling people there is still home, yes i know the fact that the campaign is giving them great mileage, but at least its making some positive impact on the society at the same time .

Coca Cola and SOC Films screens Sharmeen’s Film “Hai Yaqeen”