Develop Zero Social Tolerance to Sexual Violence.

As a usual habit, even today I checked my social network first thing in the morning only to stumble upon a news link which sent a chill through my spine. A 9 year old girl child in Bahawalpur was abducted from right outside her house, beaten up, gang raped and left back in semi unconscious, critically injured state. At the time of filing the report Doctors are struggling to save her precious little life.

The police has filed an FIR and is looking for the culprits, but there is little hope that justice will be served even in this case, as our legal procedures are highly complicated, and a financial challenge, where corruption allows the culprits the convenience to get the medial reports and evidence altered an escape proudly from the grip of the law to free find yet another innocent child or person to victimize.

In any legal system to work properly an integral part of it is the proper implementations of the procedures so as to make it fool proof and convenient for the people. For this a proper people who have proper knowledge of the forensics, the dynamics of crime, the loopholes, the behavior of the society and the routs the culprits take to get rid of the track they leave behind the crime they commit.

Also the society will have to play its part of the role, taking such crimes seriously. Stop blaming the victims of sexual abuse and violence and take stand against the culprit. The trend of shamming the rape survivors labeling them as Impure had to be opposed seriously. Common thoughts and notions which suggest “ the girl has been spoilt” or “has become impure” or “it must be her fault” or “ it’s a shameful thing , keep it under the wraps and not speak of it “ only make the culprits more stronger and makes it easy for them to commit such horrendous crimes and yet move proudly in the society.
Also our mainstream (conventional ) media will have to be more sensitive while reporting and talking over such issues. We have seen a number of times, when cases of sexual violence appear on the news channels there are often suggestions that the women were of “bad character” or were “dressed improperly” or were “acting provocatively ”. It is sad when these multimillion news setups with educated journalists and staff on board fail understand that RAPE is a serious crime and it does not make it any less serious or acceptable if the victim / survivor is a female sex worker or was roaming even naked, nothing justifies such a violent crime.
Performance and visual art can play a strong role in changing the mind sets of the society, artists have been addressing these issues in their art works since a long time but sadly their thought and expressions don’t reach the masses.

Its about time we use every social / public forum to educate people. Write, Blog campaign on internet social networks against such crimes and suggest a Zero tolerance from the social and legal system, There is a need to promote, literature , art and theater so it can reach a larger audience and help change perceptions, and broaden people’s vision and help them realize their fault to bring a positive change and shaping a better society.

Develop Zero Social Tolerance to Sexual Violence.

A Degradation of nationalism.

The figures of people being shot at random, or targeted or killed because they were a certain cast of were of a certain religious belief have been on the constant rise, the figures are adding to the unknown total count every day. A number of these killings don’t even get reported, they dont even make it to the news channel’s few minute ticker which hardly anyone notices. These are not just numbers, there are not just ” Five people shot dead by un known people at an unknown spot in the country”  they are living breathing human beings, mostof them the breadwinners of their families, many students, some even children whose dreams and hopes are as simple as getting an colorful candy bar the next time they pass that shop right around the corner, where their life is cut shot just because someone holding a cold metal gun pulled that tiny little trigger without even giving it a second thought.

but the misery does not end to that, there are really severe economic crises, we are running out of energy, we claim not to have enough electricity, fuel, drinking water, the law exists but waits to have an implementation, without which the legal system its self is questionable and can be manipulated, and there are countless other issues, both big and small which need to be addressed across the country but things seems to be getting worst by the day specially for the common countrymen of Pakistan 

 To all this insanity the State and the government does what ? they say they have been trying to control it, but this is what they have been saying for not just months or weeks but for years, again and again. They tell us they have taken firm measures, they have apprehended so many terrorists and criminals and so much of weapons ceased, countless number of committees have been formed, despite all the issues of a common person remains unsolved.

Looking at the current situation the people of the country are of the thought that either the rulers, the government, the state has failed and is helpless or they are a part of it creating all of this chaos. either of which means the country’s people have lost faith in the ruling government and in the state it’s self actually. which is quite visible on the 14 of August when the country celebrated its independence coldheartedly, and certainly not the way we used to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence a decade or so back. This is surely a one of the many sign of degradation of nationalism, which is actually a dreadful think if we really look at it seriously but who cares, you and I are busy trying to meet our ends, and those is power don’t seem to care much.

A Degradation of nationalism.


She is sitting alone in the corner of an empty room wrapped in a white cloth stained by the blood seeping from her bruises and wet from the tears she has been shedding.

In the other room her mother is being comforted by a few friendly ladies, when she shrieks again “Ooh God they ruined us, disgraced us, why did they left her alive after blackening her face, I wish she would die”

She, a twelve year old tender child hear her mothers mournful cries, her pain intensifies, her body aches and her tears flow even more vigorously, she is shattering into tiny bits but there is no one to console her.

Her mother shrieks again “we can’t show our face to any one, they have corrupted my daughter, they have shattered our honor, I wish I would have died rater than being a witness of such a shameless incident. It is all her fault, it was she who wanted to study like a “mamsahab”, and see now she has painted our faces black ”

The guilt, the pain the agony mounts, she spots a knife lifelessly lying on a dish full of vegetable, left carelessly by her mother. “It’s all my fault, I never listened to my elders, I have brought dishonor to my family, let me ease their pain”. The lifeless knife comes alive, blood drips from it’s tip. The knife is noticed hours later clutched in a lifeless hand.

Sheeesh!… Silence!… Don’t dare say a word, you don’t have the right to mourn or cry, you are the mother who killed your daughter, you are the people who brought death to this innocent child. You are the culprits, the followers of a patriarch society where women’s worth is her virginity and her virginity a man’s pride.