What To Look For In A Life Partner

  1. Don’t go for his money, see his mind. He should be intelligent, open-minded, compassionate sensitive.
    If he is intelligent he will never go hungry, he will know ways to make money, he will know to deal with the issues of life he will know how to resolve issues. Money just deals with the superficial issues, deeper issues need wisdom to resolve them
  2. He should be someone you are comfortable being your self with, someone who you can cry, laugh, stink be awkward and yet feel not the slightest bit of discomfort, someone who you would tell a secret knowing he wont judge. Someone who is thinking on your own mental frequency
    :  You are spending your whole life with this person, you don’t want to be fake, you don’t want to be compromising all your life, you don’t want to hide the yellow / pink dresses just because he hates that color, or leave your friend because he doesn’t get along with him ….. It may not get you for a few months or years but later in life it will hit you and will drain you and damage the individuality of yours.
  1. He should be happy watching you flourish should be the one giving you wings and happy to see you more successful then he is, This is very rare in men, they usually like woman to see women dependent on them . He should be your courage, he should be boosting your moral, telling you your faults but also helping you overcome them.
    Because you have to grow and be equal in a relationship to enjoy life, because the problems are to be dealt with by both of you, at times you can be wrong or he can be wrong and you can fight and he can fight but the arguments font undermine you of make you feel week or dominant.
  2. He Should speak your language ( urdu, not regional language ) / know your culture, know your society, and customs .
    This is someone you will be spending your whole life with, when you talk about poem, literature, your traits of upbringing the attitude of society, the lifestyle or what you have picked from your culture and your upbringing only a person from this cultural background can understand It , and for a deeper, comfortable, understanding, bonding where both of you can understand each others issues its always best that you know all these things inside out to completely understand your partner.
  3.  Looks don’t matter, he can be skinny, macho , blond. If he is mentally compatible with you , overlook the looks, overlook his styling sense , overlook his dressing.
    Why : If he feels good, if he makes you feel good, you don’t need an eye candy for the people to see you need a soul mate to shine your soul, and make you feel you are walking in the air, you need no money to be happy, you need courage, wisdom, freedom, and intelligence to be happy and successful . What will you do of the looks if the man is hot as hell but mentally drains you every day of your life.
  4. Last but not the least , If he values his parents, if he values his relatives, if he values his friends , he will surely value you , he will surely respect you and your family and your friends.
    Why :
    This is very important because at times his parents my be wrong and you point that out and he may get angry but remember he is wise and sensitive, he will sort things out he wont side with any single party he will go for a resolution rather than going bananas ..
  5. Oh , and I was just reminded that I forgot this one very important point so Yes Age is just a number. Older is better but younger is not a down point at all ..
    Why : It’s the mental maturity that counts, if he is wise and knows how to deal with you and life don’t worry if he is old or young, but usually older guys are wiser. And the wiser your partner is the better for you and for the kids too obviously .

so my friend here are 6 points, in my opinion to look for when you search for a person you would like to spend the rest of your life with.

What To Look For In A Life Partner

“Rio – The movie” Comes to Karachi

I am not much of a movie fan so when I first got an invitation to go to the premiere of “Rio The Movie” I wasn’t too excited. “The red carpet, celebrates, Ooh it must be one of those glamor events I dread to go to ” were my first few thoughts. But then I thought “an animated movie can’t be that bad” and this one thought proved to be a life saver.

As I entered the Atrium Cinema a huge red carpet outside the box office accompanied by a pair of beautiful macaws were all there to give everyone a warm greet. I was very happy to see these amazing birds, with their huge beaks and colorful feathers, matching the characters on the posters of the movie. As I proceeded forward some cool celebrities came in my view and so the meet and greet session kicked off. I Met Sania Saeed after months, actually the last time was after her katha performance, she was there with her mother and her two little angels, also present there was Tapu who is a big fan of animated movies was also present at the event and could barely keep his excitement concealed. I also ran into Khalid Anam who was stressing the urgent need to put a curb on piracy, and how its eating away our talent and our media industry, and i couldn’t agree more. We also exchanged a few words about the commercialization of our main stream media and how TV channels don’t often think of the deeper social impacts of the programs they air but we both agreed that some quality programs are also on the spectrum, we departed with a promise to continue the discussion in greater depths some other day as the show was now about to start.

Punctuality was the first lessen people learned as the show started sharp at the scheduled time. The comfy chairs, pop corns to pop in and soda to wash them down, cell phones switched off, 3D glasses resting on my nose, and every thing was off my mind, I was now completely in another world, The world of a blue domesticated macaw, living in Minnesota, and around him the story spins.

I wouldn’t go into the details of the story line, but I tell you what the movie is truly so fascinating that you will completely be lost in the story, you will laugh with the characters, you will panic with them, you will jump off your seats in excitement, and you will certainly cry happy tears because its just the kind of movie the whole family will not only enjoy but it will also rub off a little on them leaving its impressions for quite a few days and i bet you would want to see it not just once but a number of times and yet you will enjoy it just like you enjoyed the first time you watched.

As the movie ended, I walked out of the cinema my mood was completely lifted, I found the two macaws on the red carpet, but now i looked at them as a pair of victims, bound in chains for some money, and that is one of the strong message the movie quite efficiently delivers. Who ever miss out on this movie will sure be missing a lot of fun. and i Must say since the Cinema are returning to us we must also give it a warm welcome and enjoy the experience more often. but for those of you who still prefer to watch the movie at home please buy original videos because piracy is theft and a crime.

“Rio – The movie” Comes to Karachi