Expression of an artist !


Art is an expression , its an artist’s thought which is put in a visual on a surface in two or three or more dimensions , as many as you can add including sound , smell feelings what ever the artist’s will to toss in . An artist’s expression is free and is for the people, specially common people who may see it by not a very trained eye, not for its artistic aspects but for the mare visual it is and may interpret it in any way s/he feels. 

I my believe and faith and practice expressions belong to people, common people, not the few elite, enlightened, brilliant few but for a larger audience, the majority of the society, not the minority, regardless of the fact that  the minority is the ruling, powerful affluent one. 

It was only recently that I casually installed one of my works at the local flea shop. My work which is priced slightly under 500USD is placed among the old thrown out junk, and discarded items hanging on one of the columns. 

Firstly i have put my work which is a digital print in a setting where its seen by the common, unexpected people, who have come to probably get some cheep bargain who would stumble upon this peace and will question . How much , why so expensive? Who is the artist ? What has been done ? 

The answers are all in a paper which is kept in the drawer and is given only on request – 

The second thing is to make people aware that digital prints are also art, its not just oil painting or sculpture . 

Thirdly to challenge the mind set that art works belongs to galleries only, it wont be respected else where, it will be an insult if you put it in any other setting besides a gallery or an exhibition space- 

My work has come out of the bubble, and its breaking the label placed on art which reads ” can be admired by an elite only”  and for this i have faced much criticism , i have been told that i am “demeaning my work” i have been told i am acting like  ” a mosquito who lives in a dirty pond ”   Well who has polluted these ponds ? Not the nature but us very humans who are now calling it dirty , and mosquitos dont live in dirty ponds , they leave their eggs there so their newly hatched babies are born to the harsh realities if the world before they can fly off to gardens and jungles to borrow a few drops of blood from other animals so as to breed and not to actually feed , Hey we have something to learn from the  mosquitos here who you just called dirty ! 

Well coming back to my work hanging there between the antiques and trash is my work, its for the common people, the people we think are verminous, the people who make the most of the population of the planet and the people who as consumers are keeping us few elites alive ! 

Expression of an artist !

The power of new media

its is sad when some of the senior journalists close there eyes towards the power and impact the social media today has on the people and declare the medium almost useless. Today when a journalist with years of experience withe the major international channels was asked by a student how to register one’s protest against the inadequacy of the local news channels he replied that tweeting, blogging and putting stuff on facebook wont change a thing; the kid should instead take a one man protest to the organization, in this case it was the news channels,  he wanted to voice his concerns against .

but if  blogs, micro blogs and social network campaigns don’t make an impact and don’t change anything why governments and rulers world wide are feeling threatened by them and trying to block or ban the blogs social media platforms. Why several print magazines and publications are prompt and quick in deleting a Facebook comment speaking against them or altering the content of their online version of the paper seconds after the mistake is hilightd on a blog or in a tweet .. why many publications have been forced to close down, as their sales had dropped dramatically after the new media gained popularity. and while many say blogs are not taken seriously than why do all these major newspapers and news agencies have started their own little (commercial) blogs and have started to come out with their online versions, and have their presence on twitter, Facebook and other major social networks.

well the fact is that the Blogs, macro blogs and social media is taking away the monopoly these news agencies ones had. Now every single individual has a voice which can reach out to the world. If a blog has a long earned credibility or is backed with facts and figures or has been authored by someone publicly trusted with no political or commercial  agenda behind him the content becomes even more authentic and trustworthy .

But why this new modern media is coming out so powerful, like everything else,  yes there is a little logic to it too. first of all the content is an opinion or work of an individual whose timeline shows it clearly what his opinions are and intelligence is like, which actually reflects what kind of individual s/he is . a blog also is not usually a commercial entity, so is written for the sake of sheer passion, it also has no editor to tone and shape it down, so its usually more articulated rather than being more mechanical.  Blogs and social media campaigns usually are opinionated, they do talk about facts but also have the emotions thrown into it which come natural when a person’s opinion, specially when its attached to a common social issues or a cause, this not only adds a human touch to it but the reader also feels more attached because he somewhere in the lines visualize himself too also because as humans its only natural for us to understand and relate to things where feelings are added.

With the advent of this new social media becoming more popular everyday the shape of the journalism is changing rapidly today, the contrast in true sincere reporting and fake commercially driven ones are becoming more and more noticeable, people are trusting the alternative mediums and often counter verifying the facts before trusting almost anything they see on a mainstream platform. They change may or may not be good but it has indeed given the people much power and confidence to launch their voice and be heard but in the clutter of millions and thousands of such voices only the ones which manage to stand out poses a challenge to the traditional mainstream media.

Now the only option the mainstream media today faces is to wash their cuffs n collars clean of the fast stains of the years long unethical practices and stick to the fair and honest reporting or they will have to face an overwhelming counter voice which will strip them off their pseudo creditability and fake trust in public, while only the few honest or extra smart will survives this new wave of change .

The power of new media

Society’s Fragile 5%

Blocking the beautiful view of the beach, is this huge building, with Dolmen Mall stamped on its face, i know its good looking but not as beautiful as the sea its self so to me its really ugly. Ugly also because the moment you enter this humongous shopping center the first thing you notice are these expensive brands popping their bright shiny face out of the glimmering boxes stacked one over the other. A shop selling this and a shop selling that, catering to the class which not even 5% of the whole country. To make it worst you will see shoppers holding the fancy little hand bags while their Filipino maids or worst a teenager child labor who are there to manage their naughty kids. but even more disturbing is the sight when you see families from the lower middle class visiting the shopper’s paradise. The kids from these families would be spotted taking rides on the escalators going up and down in the loop and ending up going no where but in circles, yes how typical that is of the lower middle class, isn’t it ?

For these poor visitors who want to take a sneak peak in the lives of the “elite” rich and the “successful ” of the society, the only place which seems affordable in this whole big shopping center is this spacious mighty super store named “Hyperstar’ . having seen it obviously many of them rush to this super market, where a number of products are highly priced as compared to those available around the city, but the story doesn’t end there, because today when i went there, and for the very last time (I Promise)  only to get some juice, i noticed at the counter them telling every customer that they are out of large shopping bags, so either they carry what ever they shopped for in tiny little shopping bags large enough to hold only two cans of soda, or they will have to buy a large plastic “Eco friendly” bag from them for Rs:50/- to carry the items they have bought decently out of the store.

For a country where economic graph has taken a downward dip, where unemployment is record high, people are struggling to keep up with the bread and butter of the family , and even stale bread seems to be costing a fortune, Do we need such snobbishly posh shopping centers, couldn’t we have recreational park there ( sorry the ones we have has nothing but grass to offer ) or an art center, or a public library, or maybe a theater but No to serve those mare 5%  of the whole society we had to built this castle of pure crystals, so the poor can feel more poorer, more undermined, more unwelcome and continue in slavery for another 200 years, while they forget they are a minority of the society they are very much a part of, they may be ruling today but once the table turn’s on them they are too fragile to face the reality.

Society’s Fragile 5%