Burnt By The Shadows In The Scorching Heat.

Touching a beautiful flower and finding it be poisonous, getting sliced into tiny bits by tender wings of butterflies, walking in the scorching sun barefoot and getting burned only by the shadows.

Life has shown it all and more. It’s a funny world I guess where people much younger then you, bounded in strings of relationship, even those who where in your arms when they were just new borns, come up from behind to plant their poisonous daggers through your heart.

Indeed cowards, who say they cant stand you but in fact they don’t have the courage to face you. They will be dead-silent when they will be around you, forced by their guilt they flinch and wince with fear of being notice, pretending not even to exist, shielded behind a show of arrogance.

Fools, what bloody fools. They think they have concurred something substantial by harming, undermining disgracing you but in fact they have just lost their share of love, their chance of contentment, of being felt alive. Oblivious of the fact they it is they them selves who will be left alone to be haunted by the horrors of this world and to fight the demons in the end all alone.

But what else can be expected from people, people who have been long dead, devoid of all feelings, of the joy, beauty, of love and devoid of their soul.

Burnt By The Shadows In The Scorching Heat.

Sensitively Insensitive

Waking up after a good night sleep and with the tender nascent cold morning breeze, even before my first cup of coffee I hear people shrieking of pain and misery. Some somewhere have bombed them, some one shot bullets at them some one today had locked them in an air tight container with a promises of a better life ahead, some has burned their homes, killed their parents, their loved ones.

The tender morning breeze, instantly turns heavy, with stench of last night’s bloodshed, and starts mourning over the misery and sufferings of the innocent. And the ocean screams and shouts begging us humans to stop – ” For God’s Sake Stop” .

But we humans are dead – so dead that although we hear all those deafening painful screams we conveniently turn a deaf ear to it all, turn up our iPods drowning to death any traces of feelings, what so ever is left in us and carry on nurturing a growing our selves while we know thousands more will suffer for our inhumanity today – too selfish to care for any of it.

My first cupper is empty now, enough time I have devoted for the day being sensitive, Ill just get dressed up and have a brunch at that fine expensive hotel, will drink the evening away and will dance till late night. I have a busy day ahead I better get going.

Sensitively Insensitive